Alumnus Leads Technological Transformation of New Jersey School District as Superintendent

March 05, 2018

As Superintendent of Westwood Regional School District, Dr. Raymond Gonzalez (Ed.D. 2012) is passionate about the infusion of technology in 21st century classrooms. Dr. Gonzalez successfully led the technology transformation that resulted in Westwood becoming a Google District. The Google Suite touches every aspect of the district’s operation. 

“As an education leader, I feel a moral imperative to ensure that our classrooms are prepared for students who are bringing devices,” stated Dr. Gonzalez. “A sound technological infrastructure is essential to engaging 21stcentury learners in the four Cs – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.”

In 2014, Dr. Gonzalez became Superintendent of the district but he always knew that he was interested in education as he briefly taught English in a village in Mexico after securing his undergraduate degree in sociology. Dr. Gonzalez believes that his primary role as Superintendent is to be the greatest advocate for all aspects of the school district including academics, extra curricular activities, teacher development, and leadership development. His vision is to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders in order to create a premiere teaching experience in the district.

He is grateful to the GSE for preparing him for this leadership role, as he was immediately able to apply all that he was learning in the program. “I chose the GSE due to its reputation for rigor,” said Dr. Gonzalez. “The Education Leadership concentration allowed me to be successful and prepared for each progression in my professional experience.”

Professor William Firestone was his dissertation advisor. Working with him prompted Dr. Gonzalez’s interest in data and assessment, which has been instrumental in his leadership experience at the Westwood Regional School District. Professor Firestone mentored him academically and helped him get to the finish line.

Professor Catherine Lugg was another mentor who was very supportive. She was a confidant who guided Dr.Gonzalez on his leadership journey. Dr. Gonzalez believes that the GSE faculty are legitimately interested in their students and vested in their success.

Dr. Gonzalez’s vision for his current role is to create a holistic education experience for all learners that has rigor and relevance with a focus on student health and wellness. He hopes to achieve this while engaging the broader community. His scholarly interests include the use of assessments in decision making in order to drive accountability in education and improve student learning.

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