Profile: Christelle Palpacuer Lee

Assistant Professor of Practice

Christelle Palpacuer Lee is an applied linguist and a world language/ EFL educator. She taught French in France, England, India and in the US at different levels and in various institutions before joining the Language Education program at the Graduate School of Education. She is the former director of the French Resource Center, a joint initiative between Rutgers and the French Embassy in New York City.
Dr. Palpacuer Lee is committed to equity and social justice in education, and to prepare classroom teachers to be effective educators, critical thinkers, and life-long learners. 

Professional affiliations
American Educational Research Association AERA 
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ACTFL
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages TESOL
Modern Language Association MLA


Ed.D Rutgers University;
MA in International Education, French as a second language certification, Université Lyon 2, Lyon, France.

Expertise & Research Interest

Applied linguistics
Museum Education
Intercultural Education

Research Work With Students

Dr. Palpacuer Lee's work centers on providing world languages teachers with opportunities to learn in public settings, such as museums and community-based service-learning programs. Drawing on interdisciplinary and qualitative research, she studies the discursive learning opportunities that emerge from the teachers' negotiation of various cultural narratives in interaction.

Recent & Selected Publications

Palpacuer Lee, C. & Curtis, J. (2017). "Into the realm of the politically incorrect: Negotating encounters in a service-learning program. International Journal of Multilingual Education. 19(2), 163-181.

Palpacuer Lee, C., Curtis, J., & Curran, M. (in press). Stories of engagement: Pre-service language teachers negotiate intercultural citizenship in a Community-based English language program. Special topic issue: Intercultural citizenship in the foreign language classroom. Language Teaching Research

Palpacuer Lee, C., Lee, Y. C., Melendez, D., & Khapulkova, N. (2017). Unmasked: Designing inquiries into cultures as thematic units. Special topic issue: Intercultural Competence. The NECTFL Review, 79, pp. 89-110. 

Palpacuer Lee, C. (2012). (Her)Stories : Journeys at the Museum. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence. Eds. Beatrice Dupuy & Linda Waugh. Tucson: University of Arizona. In press.

Palpacuer Lee, C. (2010). Images, Discourses, Representations at the Louvre Museum. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence. Eds. Beatrice Dupuy & Linda Waugh. Tucson: University of Arizona, pp. 304-334.

Palpacuer, C. (2010). Educating the Gaze or the Art of Perspective. In Anthropologies, Interculturalité, et Enseignement-Apprentissages des Langues / Anthropology, Interculturality, and Language Learning-Teaching. Ed. Fred Dervin & Béatrice Francchiolla. Transversales Series, Vol. 32. Peter Lang: Bern, Switzerland, 2012, pp. 118-143.

Honors & Awards

ACTFL Research grant award, with Dr. Curran and Ms. Curtis for a project titled "Investigating the impact of a community-based service-learning program on the multilingual community it serves."