SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER (HALF-DAY) – The Learning Studio Princeton, NJ

Date Posted: 8/28/2023

Closing Date: 9/27/2023

OPEN POSITION: Special Education Teacher (part-time, 50%)


Princeton Learning Studio is a new program designed for special needs young adults who have completed high school (age 21-28).

The goal of this program is academic enrichment for those seeking to continue education and learning post-high school. It is designed as a half-day program with a focus on math, language arts, fitness and creative arts. Based in Princeton, NJ the program will leverage community supports, along with a paid professional lead teacher and paraprofessionals.

This program differs from current options available to the intellectually disabled (such as day programs, vocational training, or Community College special ed programs). The founders of Princeton Learning Studio believe there is a cohort of students who can benefit from, and are better suited for continued academic learning while they gradually transition to the work world.


As the inaugural teacher for the program, this role will be key in leading and creating the curriculum and instruction. The primary tasks are instruction of mathematics and language arts  (reading, writing, communication) for 1.5-2 hours each day.  The teaching should be geared towards skills and knowledge that can be applied in the student’s everyday life. Class size is expected to be 3-4 students with one paraprofessional support. The academic teaching environment will be small group instruction, with some customization to the level and needs of each participant. The role also requires supervision as the students participate in fitness and creative arts which will be lead by other instructors (1.5-2 hrs).


  • Design curriculum and lesson plans
  • Supervise 3-4 young adult students
  • Guide a paraprofessional to provide classroom assistance
  • Support the instructors of fitness and creative arts
  • Availability Mon-Fri, half-day, within the typical NJ school calendar
  • Location is Princeton, NJ


  • Certification in Special Education, preferably Austism/MD experience
  • Inspired and interested in creating new formats of education and learning for this cohort

Those interested in applying should send their application to claude.winn@thelearningstudioprinceton.org