Special Education Teacher 6th-8th (Multiple Disabilities – Behavior Focus) – Mount Holly Township School District

Date Posted: November 7, 2022

Application Deadline: November 17, 2022

Seeking an innovative, enthusiastic instructor to provide a highly effective educational program and establish a school environment that fosters learning and personal growth.

The ideal candidate brings: 1. High expectations of students’ academic and behavioral functioning and progress 2. Strong classroom structures, routines, and management to establish predictability and safety in the school environment to promote accelerated learning and progress 4. Experience and familiarity with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) philosophy and strategies (preferred) 5. Focus on high-quality instructional delivery with an ability to integrate grade-level standards with IEP goal-driven reinforcement 6. Strong sense of accountability to colleagues and students. Ability to form meaningful relationships with families and maintain consistent, solutions-oriented communication. 7. Understanding of trauma that informs classroom structures and lesson design and delivery to best meet the needs of students. 8. Ability to understand that behavior is a form of communication and know that behavior can be modified through consistently implemented behavior support interventions. 9. Ability to receive feedback, implement recommendations, and collaborate with professionals in order to continually develop their practice. 10. Knowledge of how to differentiate within a classroom, as well as analyze data to determine commonalities in standards and IEP goals. Anticipated start: 12/5/2022 (can be flexible to consider December graduates)

To Apply: Posted on www.k12jobspot.com or send your resume and cover letter to Karen Fishman (kfishman@mtholly.k12.nj.us) (she will follow up with the direct link to the application).