Kodely Leader – Kodely

Date Posted: 9/21/22

Application Deadline: Rolling Application

Interested in gaining more classroom experience and developing your leadership skills? Then join our Kodely Leaders program! At Kodely, we bridge the gap between tech literacy and real-world skills for our students and partner with local schools and community programs. Through our Kodely Leaders program, we provide our Leaders the opportunity to run their own Kodely workshop at one of our partner schools. We provide our Leaders with ongoing mentorship, training, and the Kodely lesson plans for the workshop they’re teaching. This is a part time position and a paid opportunity to build your leadership and classroom facilitation skills. Join our growing team! Take part in flexible, part-time opportunities at Kodely in Summit, NJ! To get started, fill out this interest form.

Here’s a bit about Kodely: Started by a mother-daughter duo with over 25+ years of experience in the tech industry, Kodely workshops are a place where we have students use design to develop their own creative potential. Kodely helps students take their technical skills beyond what they’ve learned in a classroom setting and apply them to the real world, helping them develop their skills around social-emotional learning. We’re enabling students to go out into the world, notice big problems, and have the confidence to solve them!