Interns Needed for Local Private School for Students with Disabilities Assisting in the Horticulture Class – New Road School of Somerset

Date Posted: 9/12/2022

Position Closing Date: 10/21/2022

Great Learning Experience for anyone interested in working with adolescents and young adults with disabilities Fall Semester 2022 Wednesdays and/or Thursdays 9:00 AM -2:30 PM (or any part of those days/hours) Schedule may change with Spring Semester.

New Road School is an out of district placement private school for students with Disabilities. New Road School of Somerset is located right off I-287 about 10 miles from Livingston Campus and Cook/Douglass campus and 7.5 miles from Busch Campus. Students who attend New Road range in age from 13-22 with most students in the Horticulture program ages 15 and up. New Road is a unique program built around a Main Street Micro-Community with many opportunities for students to learn job skills. Intern will be paid as a stipend the equivalent of $15/hour based on the number of hours at New Road or working on New Road programming paid through a grant. The Intern can only work with students when the Horticulture Instructor is onsite/in the classroom. When the intern reaches the point of leading the Horticulture Class as an Instructor, the Intern will negotiate their hourly rate with New Road School. The horticulture program is unique to New Road in that we have a green house and aquaponics system on campus, allowing us to offer Horticulture classes throughout the school year regardless of the weather. The Horticulture classes are capped at a maximum of 7 students and the horticulture Instructor will be with the intern in the classroom at all times until the Intern, Instructor and Administration feel the Intern is ready to manage the class alone. The Horticulture Instructor has nearly 10 years of experience working with students who have special needs and will provide support and training to the Intern as long as the Intern and Instructor feel it is needed.


  • Must have 60+ hours of college credits plus one of the following
  • Pursuing the Horticultural Therapy Certificate offered in Plant Science at Rutgers SEBS or have a Master Gardener or equivalent certification, or equivalent experience/knowledge of plant care
  • Pursuing a Special Education Teacher Certification or previous special education teaching experience

Job Description:

  • Assists the Horticulture Instructor in the following activities:
    • Planning and designing annual and perennial flower beds.
    • Preparing orders for plants, seeds, and other supplies
    • Preparing fertilizer programs for various types of plants
    • Growing potted plants and nursery stock and maintaining records on the growing operation
    • Designing maintenance programs for the control of plant diseases and insects
    • Monitoring the operation of the Greenhouse and students.
    • Aquatics System Maintenance- fish, plants, pest control fertilizer and adding worms.
    • Working with individual or small groups of students to reinforce learning materials or skills.
    • Communicating name and use of gardening tools to students
    • Working with individual student or small group in the greenhouse using materials and tools that will familiarize the students with a horticulturist occupation.
    • Accompanying and assisting students at the Structured Learning Environment (SLE) placement.
    • Helping students meet production rate and encourages problem solving skills.
    • Aiding as a job coach while students are building skills in school and off campus
    • Maintaining a safe working environment and encourages safety on and off campus.
    • Other duties as assigned by the classroom teacher/administration.

To Apply: If interested, please contact Elisabeth Black include a copy of your resume or CV and what year you plan to graduate.