Community and Parent Involvement Specialist (CPIS) – Newark Educators Community Charter School

Date Posted: November 9, 2022

Application Deadline: Until Filled

The Community and Parent Involvement Specialist (CPIS) or Parent Liaison is a district position that oversees the district’s family services. The CPIS is responsible for facilitating the community needs assessment, staffing the Early Childhood Education Advisory Council, organizing family involvement plans and activities, and coordinating work with other school district professionals and community agencies and providers.

Responsibilities, but not limited to: -Engage in ongoing community recruitment of preschools students, family outreach, registration and enrollment. -Works collaboratively with preschool agencies and institutions in the community. -Recruits members for and facilitating meetings of Early Childhood Advisory Council. -Supports parent involvement activities for district, Head Start, and other private provider programs. -Works with instructional staff and social workers. -Facilitates trainings and workshops for families, Parent Liaisons, Family Workers and other Early Childhood Staff in accordance with the Preschool Program Plan. -Assists instructional staff, social workers, and family workers in facilitating parental follow up with other district personnel. -Oversees, manages and facilitates preschool community home language survey, family assessment & data reporting. -Consults and collaborates with other Early Childhood Program personnel, district personnel, contracted community preschool provider personnel and community agencies in gathering and providing information to support preschool children and families. -Outlines and works to assist the preschool child and his/her family in adjusting to the transition from preschool to kindergarten classes. -Maintains registration files and documentation for the preschool population. -Supports the transition process for preschool students. -Communicates to the Early Childhood Preschool Community at large about the registration protocols/procedures and the full preschool program. -Organizes outreach flyers and correspondence to promote and increase enrollment. -Performs all other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Principal and Supervisor of Early Childhood. -Assists with major media, for example billboards -Provides supervisor with monthly reports and logs daily events -The Community Parent Involvement Specialist may also take on other tasks and responsibilities as assigned.

An ideal candidate for this role will demonstrate the following: Strong oral and written communication skills Strong organizational and interpersonal skills and team-related skills Ability to work independently and with multiple responsibilities simultaneously Desire to grow professionally and seek out new opportunities to learn Integrity and clarity in all communications and interactions Commitment to the success of all NECCS students; specifically social-emotional development achievement of children in high poverty communities.

OUTREACH Role: Educate and Engage Students and Families About the Impact of Attendance on Achievement. Host events to celebrate great attendance and improved attendance for parents and students. Develop a system and use data to monitor chronic absences. Recognize Good and Improved Attendance.

The Goal is to target students whose attendance after a month or two of school puts them at risk for chronic absenteeism. Access the situation to determine and get to the root of absenteeism, counsel & support the barriers.

Certification(s)/Degree(s) Required: School Social Worker Certification, LSW Hours may be subject to change according to the operational needs of the school at the discretion of the Administration and Board of Trustees.

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