Tutor Coordinator

The central mission of Rutgers University’s Student Support Services is to increase retention and graduation rates among first-generation and/or low income- eligible undergraduate students. 
The Tutor Coordinator position is a part-time position with the primary responsibility of managing the tutoring program. This also includes partial academic coaching responsibilities. Tutor Coordinator must work towards furthering the Rutgers Student Support Services Program mission, goals, and objectives at all times. They must also adhere to all Rutgers University Policy and Procedures. The Tutor Coordinator reports to the Academic Program Coordinator for the Student Support Services Program. 
   • Must be a matriculated graduate student at Rutgers University New Brunswick. 
   • Must hold a GPA of 3.0 or above. 
   • Must have an understanding of the academic needs of first-generation and low income students. 
   • Must have earned a B+ in any material willing to tutor. 
   Tutoring- 75% 
   • Coordinate, schedule and monitor all tutoring sessions 
   • Reviewing daily journal entries and addressing any issues and concerns immediately 
   • Addressing any issues and concerns regarding tutors or tutees 
   • Supervising 20+ part-time student tutors 
   • Conducts tutor evaluation meetings mid-semester and utilizes Tutor Performance Tracking system 
   • Consult with students and tutors over progress of the sessions 
   • Follow Up with students about their attendance and performance in sessions 
   • Schedule and track Study Groups and Final Exam Reviews 
   • Prepares reports and summaries for tutoring 
   • Conducts tutor staff meeting and attends/coordinates tutor trainings for each semester 
   Academic Coaching- 15% 
   • Recommending action plans and introduce skills or resources to students concerns shown in journals or discussions 
   • Develop and Facilitate workshops and provide individualized attention to students when appropriate 
   Other Expectations- 10% 
   • Responds promptly to questions or comments from immediate supervisor or faculty mentor regarding student progress 
   • Assist in conducting Fall Info Sessions and Makeup Info Sessions 
   • Other duties as outlined by Program Coordinator or Director 
 Please submit a resume, cover letter, and lesson plan in a course you would be able to tutor to: 
 Tess Grunseich at theresa.grunseich@echo.rutgers.edu 
 Cc: Marie Charles at mkcharle@echo.rutgers.edu 

Posted June 14, 2017