Teaching Assistant

The Labor Studies department is currently seeking undergraduate and graduate candidates to serve as teaching assistants in the fall semester for an undergraduate course called Work, Society, and the Quality of Life (37:575:110).  This is a good opportunity for anyone trying to build their résumé or get some instructional or supervisory experience. 



·         Upper-level undergraduate students (juniors & seniors) and graduate students will be considered.  Each semester we have a mix of both and candidates are selected based on their academic standing, leadership potential, and communication skills.

·         You do not have to have a background in Labor Studies or prior experience.  All academic backgrounds will be considered.

·         All undergraduate students receive three credits.  Graduate students may receive credit at the discretion of their department.  This is an unpaid opportunity and strictly experiential.



Course Background & Format

·         This is an intro-level Labor Studies course in a large-class setting, but it is not a lecture-oriented class.  Work & Society is a course whose guiding philosophy is to simulate a modern-day workplace so the course is based on group work and hands-on learning rather than extensive lecturing.  Students are assigned to groups of 6-8 students, with whom they will sit and work for the duration of the semester.  Each teaching assistant is assigned to supervise two groups.  The course is taught by two professors, Sattik Deb and Carla Katz.


·         The course is graded on four factors:  class participation, weekly online forum assignments, quarterly quizzes, and two group papers.  There are no exams in the course.  Throughout the semester there are several simulations including a collective bargaining simulation and a mock senate hearing.  Students learn about concepts including but not limited to group development, workers and the middle class, management theory, collective bargaining, globalization, consensus decision making, diversity in the workplace, coalition-building, social and political movements, and the knowledge economy.


·           There are two sections of the course.  The first section will meet on Tuesday nights 6:40-9:30 pm at the Livingston Student Center (Livingston Hall).  TAs must be available to arrive at 5:30 for pre-class briefings and training.  The second section will meet on Wednesday nights 7:15-10:05 pm at the Cook Student Center.  TAs must be available to  arrive at 6:00.





·         Teaching assistants supervise their groups during class by ensuring the students are staying on task, and by facilitating simulations and discussions. 

·         TA’s are responsible for assessing participation, weekly forum assignments, and quarterly quizzes.  

·         TA’s are not responsible for holding sessions outside of class or providing private tutoring, etc.


Students may contact Sattik Deb at sdeb@work.rutgers.edu or (848) 932-0303 with questions or to apply.