Teacher, Keep It Real

Rutgers Enactus' Keep It Real Provides Teaching Experience, a Professional Network, and an Opportunity to Make a Difference in New Brunswick

Keep It Real is a new initiative founded by Rutgers Enactus as we work alongside Youth Empowerment Services in providing New Brunswick high school students the opportunity to become entrepreneurs as they create products from recyclable materials in order to sell throughout New Brunswick. We also provide the students with a social network of entrepreneurs, Rutgers professors, and student leaders that will also help them in selling their products. So far Keep It Real has partnered with Hidden Grounds, Scarlet Fever, SafeHalo, Chocamo, Archangel Raphael's Mission, and Square Roots. We have created an interactive curriculum and are looking for a teacher who would be willing to come in once a week during the fall semester. This is a great opportunity to get teaching experience, to expand their own professional network, and to make positive change in our community.