Supplemental Instruction Leaders for Student Athletes


The Office of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes is looking for Graduate Students to help run Supplemental Instruction sessions for the Office of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes for the fall 2013 semester and beyond. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program designed to assist students in learning how to learn. Trained student SI leaders guide the sessions by encouraging students to think about, question, and confirm their understanding of the content while learning more effective strategies of studying and learning the subject.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders receive 1800 dollars per course and they are responsible for about 8 hours of work per week including nights and weekend hours.


1. Attend training sessions prior to the beginning of each term.

2. Ascertains course requirements and maintains contact throughout the term with course professor.

3. Attends all class meetings of the selected course, takes notes, and reads all assigned materials including text(s) and supplementary readings. 

4. Schedules and conducts two study sessions per week, east session will run about an hour.

5. Prepares handouts for study sessions as necessary.

6. Develops lesson plans for each study session.

7. Maintains accurate records and completes weekly reports.

8. Monitors and encourages students to develop successful classroom behavior habits.


1. Full-time graduate students or part-time grad students who have completed their undergraduate degree.

2. An overall GPA of 3.0 or above (on a four-point scale) is preferred at the undergraduate level.

3. Experience as an undergraduate at Rutgers University preferred, but not required.

4. Ability to control/facilitate small group discussions.

5. Good leadership and communication skills are required.

6. Experience or background working with academically “at risk” students.

7. Ability to assess the needs of the group and to develop effective intervention strategies.

8. Experience working with students from diverse backgrounds preferred.


If you are doing your student teaching during this semester, please do not apply and contact us the following semester.  We will not hire anyone who is also doing student teaching due to the time requirements of the position.


If you have any questions, concerns or if you would like to apply for a SI Leader position please send a resume and brief e-mail to

Jenna L. Beverly at