Seeking Instructional Coach

Job Title: Instructional Coach 

Organization Name: Turnaround for Children 

   Instructional Coach 
   About Turnaround 
   Too many students are behind in school and too many schools don't know what to do about it. Science is key to understanding the problem and key to the solution. 
    By studying the impact of adversity on the developing brain, Turnaround for Children is on to something big. It is connecting the dots between poverty, stress and academic performance. Turnaround translates the science that explains the impact of stress on learning and behavior into tools and strategies that teachers and administrators can use to cultivate a safe environment, reduce stress, increase engagement in learning and accelerate healthy student development and academic achievement. 
   Turnaround acts as a catalyst for change by raising awareness about and addressing the challenges that affect any school facing adversity, particularly those in high-poverty communities. Over the past 15 years, the non-profit has grown from an idea into an organization with a $15.2 million annual operating budget and over 60 employees. Currently, Turnaround partners with 13 schools in New York City, Newark, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. serving more than 5,000 students and 600 teachers. Turnaround is also expanding its reach via partnerships with KIPP D.C. and District of Columbia Public Schools by providing hands-on professional support, coaching and training sessions to leadership teams and educators. Turnaround's central office is located in midtown Manhattan. 
   This position is based in New York City. Applicants will spend 4 days/week in their given geography, working at several school sites within the five boroughs, and are expected to travel to the central office (Midtown Manhattan) on a weekly basis for planning meetings and professional development. 
   This is an exempt level position that is not eligible for overtime. 
   About the Position 
   The Instructional Coach (IC) works in Turnaround partner schools and has primary responsibility for leading instructional change and development of ALL educators (teachers, aides, and para professionals) in a set of high-leverage classroom management and instructional skills and for preparing school leaders to support and sustain these skills through focused observations, descriptive feedback and different forms of assessment and evaluation. ICs leverage prior experience with similar student populations, deep knowledge of best practices for a rigorous academic culture, and skill at managing through influence rather than authority to achieve significant and sustainable results. The IC works as a member of an interdisciplinary team, including a Social Work Consultant and Program Director, and receives ongoing training and support from the central office team. In addition to school-based supports, ICs partner with Turnaround’s Central Office to co-design, revise, and test curriculum tools and resources. 
   Key Responsibilities 
   •Under the guidance of the Program Director, provide direct consultation and coaching to school leaders at all levels to ensure successful implementation of Turnaround’s program. 
   •Deliver the Turnaround curriculum to school personnel by planning and facilitating small and large group professional development sessions; lead professional development sessions for teachers and support staff to build capacity to create and maintain an effective learning environment and improve teaching and learning; customize content to ensure relevance to the targeted audience, including making connections to the practice identified through regular building walkthroughs and classroom observations 
   •Support teachers in developing strong classroom management practices and engagement through regular observation, one-on-one coaching, co-planning and feedback 
   •Cultivate strong, purposeful relationships with all school stakeholders, including teachers, school leaders, and other instructional staff to better leverage influence and support 
   •In collaboration with principals and other Turnaround team members, establish effective school staff teams and facilitate team meetings to address students’ behavioral, academic and social and emotional issues in the school-based environment 
   •Collaborate with the school-based social worker and Turnaround’s Social Work Consultant to increase the school’s mental health services capacity 
   •Facilitate school-wide data collection in a variety of metrics, using formative assessment data to provide differentiated, targeted support to struggling teachers and to support tracking and evaluation of program implementation at current and future schools 
   •Establish the trust and credibility necessary to implement Turnaround’s model 
   •Serve as on-site representative of the Turnaround program, ensuring understanding of the model, its benefits and services among all on-site staff 
   •Participate in the ongoing development and refinement of the Turnaround model in collaboration with other school-based and central office staff 
   •Consult and collaborate with internal partners to assess shared need and develop a cohesive approach to maximize impact of program model 
   Essential Qualifications and Experience 
   •Proven experience coaching and developing other teachers to improve their classroom management and instructional practice as well as proven experience coaching and developing school leaders to improve their systems management and capacity building of staff 
   •Proven experience (minimum of 3-5 years) accelerating student achievement and solid track record of K-12 teaching 
   •In depth experience working with teachers to implement best practices for highly diverse student populations 
   •Preference for applicants with exemplary track records as innovative and experienced school, district or educational leaders who have mentored and supported school staff and leaders effectively 
   •Demonstrated excellence and creativity facilitating adult learning programs or initiatives 
   •Demonstrated experience implementing academic and behavioral interventions and supports 
   •Demonstrated experience developing innovative and sustainable strategies to create positive conditions for learning 
   •Knowledge and experience fostering change in school and/or district environments and successful experience leading diverse teams toward significant change initiatives 
   •Effective change facilitator familiar with the context in which Turnaround operates (low- performing, high-poverty urban district schools) and demonstrated ability to successfully navigate and overcome barriers present in these environments 
   •Bachelor's degree required; advanced degree a plus 
   •Fluency in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) 
   •Flexibility and adaptability, including the ability to travel between local school sites daily and into Midtown Manhattan on a regular basis for training and planning purposes. 
   Key Qualities 
   •Passion for Turnaround's mission and deep commitment to the students and schools it serves 
   •Skilled multi-tasker, detail-oriented, able to navigate roadblocks and prioritize in a climate of uncertainty 
   •Deep understanding of adult learning theory 
   •Data-driven and results-oriented; steadfastly focused on the goal at hand 
   •Strong strategic thinker who can analyze situations, quickly arrive at root causes, and develop workable solutions to complex problems 
   •Exceptional relationship builder able to forge connections and gain trust from a wide range of stakeholders and personality types and motivate others to meet ambitious goals 
   •Ability to balance confidence with humility 
   •Ability to establish and grow relational trust with others 
   •Self- starter and comfortable working on own initiative, but also excels at working in teams 
   •Flexible, adaptable and willing to change course as needed to support the team in reaching goals 
   •Remains positive despite seemingly intractable problems; inspires other with optimism 
   •Skillful communicator adept at motivating, inspiring and conveying key points both verbally and in writing 
   Apply Now 
   Please visit our careers site at to complete our online application. All applicants must submit a resume together with an in-depth cover letter outlining the ways in which your skills and experience align to our specific needs and in particular: 
   •Your specific experience supervising, providing practical and effective coaching, and mentorship support professionals and to more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of diverse populations 
   •The depth and range of your experience working in school environments similar to the ones where Turnaround for Children staff work 
   •Specific experience in the design and development of practical and sustainable interventions to build safe, supportive and productive student-centered environments 
   Candidates of color and from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply. 
   Compensation is competitive based on background and experience and includes excellent benefits. Turnaround for Children is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, military and veteran status, genetic information or any other factor which cannot be used as a basis for an employment decision.