Seeking Full Time Teachers

Job Title: Full Time Teachers 

Organization Name: New Horizons Community Charter School 
   1. Must hold acceptable NJ Certification for the assignment 
   2. Knowledge of assigned area content and content-related pedagogy 
   3. The ability to create and maintain a climate of respect and fairness for all students 
   4. Must possess strong communication, managerial and leadership skills. 
   5. Demonstrated knowledge of effective principles of teaching and learning. 
   6. Demonstrated ability to function effectively in a diverse school community. 
   7. Ability to effectively motivate and assess students academically and socially. 
   8. Ability to work as part of a highly functioning team. 
   9. Required criminal background check and proof of US citizenship or legal alien status. 
   10. Ability to work on site during the hours required. 
   11. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable. 
   The teacher is responsible for the content instruction, supervision and evaluation of all students within his/her teaching assignment and will work within board policies and state laws to develop each child to his/her fullest potential so that he/she will be an informed, competent and responsible citizen capable of assuming a productive place in society. 
   Please send Resume's to: Cynthia Migosi -