School Climate and Culture Specialist

Red Bank Borough Public Schools 


The Climate and Culture Leader will play a critical role in improving student performance in a low performing school by ensuring the school creates and maintains a positive learning environment and a culture of high expectations.  With support from NJDOE State Climate & Culture Specialists, the Climate & Culture Leader will collaborate with school staff to implement strategies and programs designed to improve culture and climate.  He/ she will develop a system for school staff to regularly monitor school culture and climate, and work to ensure that the school is safe, supports learning and expects staff and students to perform at high levels.  In addition, the Climate & Culture Leader will work with school staff to effectively engage families in academically focused activities as well as the work required to build a strong school culture and climate. 


Key Roles and Responsibilities:

·      Work with school staff in leading the effective implementation and continuous improvement of a school-wide program designed to improve climate and culture

·      Work collaboratively with NJDOE regional staff and school and district leaders to develop a strategic implementation plan for improving climate and culture

·      Work with NJDOE regional staff and school data leader to develop a system for measuring culture and climate improvements including attendance data, discipline data, student achievement data and climate survey responses

·      Provide professional development to school leaders, family and staff designed to increase their skill level in developing academic, social, and emotional supports for students


Qualifications and Skills Required:

Education:  Graduation from an accredited college or university.  Master’s degree in social work, psychology or counseling education or related field preferred. 


Experience:  Minimum three years of instructional experience or minimum five years experience as a social worker, psychologist or counselor; knowledge of school turnaround principles; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to analyze data; an understanding of educational policy and practice; experience in consensus building; ability to motivate and inspire a diverse set of stakeholders toward a common goal.


All applicants must submit a resume and cover letter that clearly describes your results with student achievement.