Research Intern

Status: Summer Internship beginning May/June 2014

Reporting: Reports to the Director of Research and Policy Analysis

Basic Function: Assists the CGS Research and Policy Analysis function in a variety of tasks as specified with the specific responsibilities described below or as assigned. Eligible candidates should have experience and/or interest in both quantitative and qualitative modes of inquiry, as well as an understanding of higher education issues. Specific assignments will be determined based upon the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the successful candidate and will likely be distributed across a number of CGS projects, such as those concerning attrition and completion, financial education, enrollment and degrees, and learning outcomes, among others.

Specific Responsibilities

Identify, compile, and analyze data that will ultimately contribute to a “Status of Graduate Education” report. This report is intended to be updated on a regular basis in order to inform CGSmember deans and policymakers about characteristics of graduate institutions such as:

·       Institution and programs

·       Students

·       Financial support

·       Completion and attrition

·       Workforce and career outcomes

·       Others TBD

Document the sources and methods used for this assignment so that subsequent interns or CGS staff can update the data at future points in time.

Perform other assignments to be determined based upon their skills, knowledge, and expertise, such as:

·       Preparing figures and tables for presentations

·       Identifying and summarizing literature on topics related to graduate education

·       Supporting benchmarking requests



Position Requirements and Required Skills

·       Full-time for the summer of 2014 for an eight week commitment at a scheduled 35 hours per week beginning in May/June 2014.

·       Excellent writing skills; experience conducting independent and/or group projects; strong organizational habits; courteous, proactive communication with colleagues to ensure that timelines are met.

·       Candidates must hold at least a master’s degree at a minimum; those pursuing a doctorate are encouraged to apply.

·       Eligible candidates should have experience and/or interest in quantitative modes of inquiry, higher education, and large education datasets, such IPEDS, Survey of Earned Doctorates, Census, Bureau of labor Statistics, etc.

·       Experience in graduate education settings is a plus.

·       Students in public policy, education, and social sciences are encouraged to apply

Stipend $3,000 for an eight week commitment paid on a semi-monthly basis.

To Apply: Send your cover letter, resume or CV to along with three recent references and writing samples.