Remote Math Instructional Coach: EdConnective

Overview: We are currently seeking remote instructional coaches with at least five years teaching experience or a combined five years teaching and coaching in Secondary Math. Coaches will be contracted by the number of teachers they agree to coach for four to nine week cycles. Contracted coaches will be based out of a home office anywhere in the United States. This role requires some virtual preparation, delivered by EdConnective, through webinars. To be contracted, one must agree to coach at least one teacher per week, for intervals of four to nine weeks.

Details: Coaches will be responsible for providing 30 minutes of pre-observation conferencing for the enrolled teacher at the beginning of each four to nine week coaching cycle. They will also be responsible for developing a coaching plan. Each week of coaching for one teacher will then include two separate, 20 minute observations of an enrolled teacher’s classroom. After each of these observations, the coach will be responsible for providing 30 minutes of feedback. In our Expanded Package, Coaches will also be required to offer up to 60 minutes of additional Q&A or feedback, per enrolled teacher per week.

This role is flexible: coaches will be contracted per coaching cycle provided to enrolled teachers. Each coaching cycle provided to one enrolled teacher should take no more than two hours per week in the Basic Package and three hours per week in the Expanded Package. Coaches can choose to take a caseload of up to 5 teachers per week, if desired.

EdConnective, LLC, will increase K-12 teacher effectiveness by providing educators with instructional coaches remotely through shared video of classroom instruction. There are pervasive achievement gaps within the U.S. public education system that are largely mediated by teacher quality. EdConnective offers instructional coaching, an intensive, individualized form of development that pairs novice teachers with seasoned educators who train teachers on the job. Instructional coaching involves an iterative cycle of observation of teachers’ classroom instruction, feedback from the coach, then implementation of more effective practice.

EdConnective matches each teacher to a coach based on subject area and grade level expertise. A camcorder is then sent to teachers’ classrooms and recorded instruction is sent through the internet to the offsite coach. The coach views the video and provides performance feedback and assistance over the phone or video chat platform. By purchasing coaching services a la carte, for four-nine weeks at a time, schools avoid the cost of the salary of a full time coach, which allows the service to penetrate massive markets that desperately need the service. Furthermore, the cost of instructional coaching often forces coaches to help teachers outside their areas of subject and grade level expertise. The EdConnective model allows each teacher to be matched with a coach whose expertise aligns with the specific needs of the enrolled teacher.

We are currently contracting instructional coaches who will work directly with teachers in making the changes in their classrooms that will lead to increased student achievement. Therefore, we are looking for individuals who are deeply committed to improving the quality of education in our schools and ending educational inequity. This will mean coming to the table with teaching expertise, but also embracing a relentless desire to improve and constantly offer a better service to teachers and, ultimately, students.
Specifically, we are seeking candidates who have significant classroom experience with minority and low-income populations and those have demonstrated past success leading students to academic gains. These individuals must demonstrate expertise in their content area, as well as in the various facets of teaching, such as planning, management and instruction. Moreover, we desire a team of coaches with strong interpersonal and critical thinking skills, who exhibit a high sense of responsibility, professionalism and organization.

Classroom Experience:
§ At least five years of teaching experience
§ History of setting and achieving ambitious academic gains with students

§ Content expertise in secondary Math
§ Experience teaching in low-income or low-performing schools
§ Experience leading other colleagues in some capacity (preferred)

Interpersonal and Communication Skills:
§ High levels of professionalism and positivity
§ Ability to quickly build strong relationships
§ Ability to navigate a conversation in a leadership role to reach a solid conclusion
§ Ability to transfer sustainable skills to other adults
§ Prior experience coaching, observing or mentoring teachers in some capacity (Highly preferred) § Prior experience in video-conference or phone-conference call settings (Preferred)
Critical Thinking Skills:
§ Ability to analyze a challenging classroom environment and prioritize effective solutions § Ability to use quantitative or qualitative data to inform decisions
§ Strong personal reflection skills and willingness to constantly adapt and improve
Organizational Skills:
§ Excellent attention to detail and quality of work
§ Ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once
§ Ability to independently create and adhere to a schedule of tasks
Technology access and skills:
§ Proficiency in Microsoft Office
§ Access to a mobile and/or landline phone
§ Access to high-speed internet connection, for viewing observation videos
§ Comfort with use of video chat platforms and access to a computer with video chat capabilities

(Highly preferred)
§ Build a working relationship with the teacher being coached
§ Download and analyze forty minutes of weekly observation videos from teacher’s classroom
for a period of four to nine weeks*
§ Conduct at least one half hour of constructive feedback with the teacher via phone or video
chat platform following each observation
§ Provide feedback within 48 hours of receiving observation videos
§ Provide an additional hour of feedback per teacher, per week in the Expanded Package
§ Convey actionable next steps to the teacher that lead to increased student achievement
§ Transfer sustainable skills to the teacher, which he or she can employ beyond the coaching
*Coaches can elect to coach one or numerous teachers at a time
Professional Development:
§ Watch the EdConnective Webinars that cover the EdConnective coaching model
§ Participate in ongoing virtual professional development and coach norming
§ Collaborate with manager to increase effectiveness in role (periodically and as needed)

Instructional coaches will be paid between $67 and $77.5 per teacher coached, per week for the basic package and between 110 and 118.5 per week for the expanded package. The exact rate will depend on each coach’s experience, prior training, and other metrics determined upon contracting, as well as prices negotiated between EdConnective and participating schools. Coaches can choose to work with one or more teachers at a time.
Working as an instructional coach is a unique opportunity to impact change in classrooms across the country in a way that is tailored directly to your qualifications and each enrolled teacher’s individual needs. Coaching for EdConnective will also provide you a new avenue for professional development and access to a community of fellow educators across the U.S who are committed to ending educational inequity.
See final page of this document to apply for this position.

A). Fill out the online form found at the following address: Pev9jhmdggc/viewform
B). E-mail the items detailed below to:
Mr. Will Morris
1. Resume
2. Cover Letter detailing:
o What factors you believe distinguish effective from ineffective teaching
o What you believe effective instructional coaching entails
o Yourpersonalexperiencecoachingormentoringteachers,ifapplicable,oryour
personal interest in this position
3. Recommendation letters from two professional references
o Please have your references directly e-mail letters to the above address. 4. Supplemental: Evidence of how you set and meet academic goals with students
o Could include but not limited to: tracking documents, long-term plans, reflection tools, data analysis, etc.
o Please provide explanation of attachments within application submission email. Application deadline: January 1, 2013.
Diversity clause: EdConnective is committed to fostering and capitalizing on the diversity of our team. We are an equal opportunity employer and seek individuals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds to apply to this position.