Learning Disability Specialist - Part Time

$20.15 Hourly (Monday - Friday, 20 hours a week)
Middlesex County College - Edison, NJ - Main Campus
11/23/2016 11:59 PM Eastern

Principal Responsibilities
1. Provides individualized and group instruction in the mathematics to students with
learning disabilities to enable them to be successful in developmental and college level
coursework. The applicant must be proficient in all levels of mathematics including
basic, algebra, statistics and calculus.

2. Participates in ongoing team review of student's progress and determining changes in
successful strategies, if necessary.

3. Maintain appropriate logs and records of student progress.

4. Makes appropriate College referrals to necessary offices and other support services to
enable students with learning disabilities to achieve academic successes in the College

5. Acts as advisor/mentor to advocate for Students with Learning Differences Club.

6. Conducts outreach presentations to high school and community groups.

7. Carries out other duties related to the maintenance of the project as assigned by the

Minimum Qualifications
· Bachelor's degree in mathematics or related subject, Master's preferred.
· Background in teaching and tutoring students in mathematics.
· Previous experience working with students with learning disabilities.
· Familiarity with assistive technology and its application to teaching and tutoring.

Apply at HR Website - http://www.middlesexcc.edu/human-resources/

Any new employee hired by Middlesex County College after September 1, 2011 must comply with New Jersey residency requirements.

Posted: November 15, 2016