High School English Teacher

People's Prep Charter School

Job Description: People’s Prep Teacher

Teachers at People’s Prep will wear multiple hats. They will: work consistently and creatively to meet the needs of all students; be responsible for academic advising; and serve as models for all People’s Prep students by bringing to life our core values of Intellect, Empathy and Action. All teachers will benefit from extensive training in the form of weekly professional development sessions, and coaching as well as time for daily collegial collaboration. People’s Prep teachers will be encouraged to strengthen their practice and develop as instructional and cultural leaders within the school.

Qualifications and Certification
• New Jersey school teacher certification or certification eligibility.
• Possession of, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree—Masters degree preferred.
• Urban classroom experience with evidence of measurable student growth.
• Excellent verbal and written skills in communicating with diverse audiences.
• Experience managing assessment data and using it to drive instruction.
• Openness to feedback and willing to take responsibility for student success.
• Demonstrated commitment to professional comportment.
• Flexibility and willingness to change course for the good of the educational program and the school.

• Embody the mission, vision and core beliefs of People’s Prep.
• Teach and enforce the school-wide, clearly defined systems, structures, and rules (including before and after school and during transition times).
• Develop and/or implement thoughtful lesson plans to accelerate student progress beyond basic grade-level competency.
• Teach whole-class lessons in an engaging and motivating manner using brain-based research and best practices.
• Tutor students individually, or in small groups, on a daily basis.
• Use frequent formative and summative assessments and data tracking systems to guide lesson plan development and implementation.
• Work collaboratively and participate actively at faculty meetings and in professional learning teams.
• Communicate with students and their families regularly and proactively.
• Continue to develop professionally to ensure students achieve ongoing improvement in academic achievement, particularly in literacy—regardless of teacher’s content concentration.
• Engage fully in a coaching relationship including observations and feedback meetings with the School Leader.
• Serve as Council Coach (advisor) to a small group of students.
• Participate in 20 to 30 minutes of school-wide Independent Reading daily.
• Attend all school-wide events including a minimum of five evening events.
• Host parent-teacher conferences quarterly.
• Arrive at school each day by 7:30 am and leave no earlier than 5:30 pm.
• Be available to provide homework help to students and/or answer parent emails or phone calls until 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.
• Complete administrative tasks in a timely manner.

Application Process
Candidates wishing to apply for a teaching position should send a resume and cover letter explaining the basis for their interest, and relevant experience to careers@peoplesprepcharterschool.org . Please also visit www.peoplesprepnewark.org for more information.