Elementary School Caregiver/Tutor

 We are looking for someone to care for our first-grader and her 4-year-old brother and help with their learning when school is not in session.
 My husband and I are both working from home and our greatest need is someone who can help our daughter learn, continue her schoolwork and stay active during the abbreviated school schedule that we anticipate this fall. My son is scheduled to return to his private pre-k at Rutgers in September and there is a chance he will not be home during working hours.
Our family has been strictly social distancing and we are looking to work out a safe arrangement that involves regular testing for all adults. Our children are comfortable wearing masks.
We are waiting to be notified of the fall public school schedule but are anticipating about 20 hours a week, and possibly more if school does not open as expected.
 If you are interested in the position, please send some information about yourself and your experience to andrea.alexander@rutgers.edu by August 24.


Posted: July 27, 2020