Cooperating Advisor for CUNY Start

CUNY Start is an intensive program for incoming college students who have earned either a high 
school or high school equivalency diploma, and need to increase their academic proficiency in 
reading, writing and mathematics prior to enrollment in college credit classes. The CUNY
Office of Academic Affairs, six of the University's seven community colleges, Medgar Evers 
College, and the College of Staten Island work collaboratively to provide students with an 
innovative approach to developmental education. CUNY Start is recognized for its carefully 
designed curriculum and pedagogy, ongoing professional development and supportive teacher 
Group and individual advisement is an integral component of CUNY Start. In close collaboration 
with instructors of reading/writing and/or math, CUNY Start advisors help students develop 
problem-solving and self-advocacy skills, plan their academic paths, learn how to navigate the 
college environment and access campus resources. 
The Cooperating Advisor serves as an apprentice to a campus Advisor, learning and practicing a 
range of skills, strategies and job functions essential to CUNY Start's approach to advising. The 
Cooperating Advisor helps students improve problem-solving and self-advocacy skills, provides 
assistance and referrals to current students and alumni, assists with the recruitment of new 
students and learns to teach the CUNY Start Seminar curriculum. CUNY Start Seminar classes 
reinforce the academic skills of analyzing data, thinking critically and conducting research 
through lessons on time management, financial aid, college majors and careers, and 
organizational strategies that help CUNY Start students succeed in college. 
CUNY Start’s College of Staten Island Program offers two types of programs: A daytime 
program and part-time afternoon program that may be offered in the mornings or afternoon and 
evenings. Cooperating Advisors may be eligible to apply for future Advisor positions at several 
CUNY Start campuses after their work as a Cooperating Advisor. 
 Learn to implement the CUNY Start Seminar curriculum through reading, observation, 
discussion and assistant teaching. 
 Observe and assist in individual advisement sessions and learn CUNY Start approaches 
to help develop students’ self-awareness and problem solving skills. 
 Observe and assist in CUNY Start’s student orientation days. 
 Observe and assist in recruiting and screening new applicants to CUNY Start. 
 Participate in student/ teacher/advisor conferences, providing feedback to students on 
their academic progress and class participation. ay 8, 2014 Page 2 of 2
 Participate in team meetings with advisors and teachers. 
 Participate in cooperating advisor trainings and all-staff events. 
 Research campus and community resources. Become familiar with campus policies and 
 Devise interventions to facilitate student involvement on campus. 
 Observe and assist with CUNY Start information sessions. 
 Other related duties as required. 
 Must have experience working with diverse, urban populations. 
 Four (4) years of full-time work experience in teaching, counseling, social work, student 
advisement or a related field desired. 
 Teaching background in adult education and/or developmental skills preferred. 
 Must be able to use a holistic, strengths-based approach to student development. 
 Must be organized, detail-oriented and possess excellent written and verbal 
communication skills. 
 Must be able to take initiative, work independently, and receive and incorporate feedback 
 Bachelor’s degree minimum, master’s degree preferred. 
 Travel to multiple CUNY campuses required. 
 Approximately 25 hours per week. 
 $33.18 per hour and includes family health benefits and optional pension plan. 
 Appointment period: June – December 2014 with possibility for renewal if pending 
To apply, submit the following items: 
 A lesson plan that demonstrates your instructional approach or a lesson plan outlining 
how you would teach a class on time management, financial aid, or researching a college 
 A statement on your philosophy and approach toward student development 
 A cover letter and resume 
 We are currently accepting applications for College of Staten Island only. 
 Send all materials to Rachel Oppenheimer at, with “CSI 
Cooperating Advisor” in the subject line of your email 
Additional information about CUNY Start can be found at