Community Engagement Worker at La Casa de Don Pedro

Service Responsibility:
• Developing a working knowledge of the Weatherization Assistance Program’s eligibility requirements and target population.
• Working with a team to develop a data-driven outreach strategy for communities currently under-served by the Weatherization Assistance Program. Data points analyzed will include: current energy assistance and weatherization applications; production levels; numbers of “walk-away units” as well as other available demographic data [such as census, energy bills, etc.];
• Based on available data, identify
- The populations and areas being served and underserved
- The degree of penetration/saturation
- Potential opportunities to improve targeting the outreach efforts and success rate of outreach and providing benefits
• Develop and pursue a list of local groups, associations, organizations, informal and/or geographically-based communities that can support or assist with outreach efforts;
• Conduct outreach efforts, including attending meetings with property owners, community organizations churches, schools, merchant associations and other local community events;
• Execute the outreach plan by conducting intake of and prescreening potential new clients;
• Coordinate Weatherization Assistance Program services for eligible clients by serving as the link between technicians and enrolled clients;
• Monitor and analyze outcomes from the outreach strategy and make adjustments as needed;
• Represent La Casa in a professional manner at meetings, actions, events, trainings and the public.

Program Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible to participate as a LISC AmeriCorps member the candidate must meet all eligibility requirements to serve as a National Service participant including but not limited to:
• Possess an Associate’s Degree or a high school equivalency diploma or GED certificate while attending college level classes.
• Minimum age requirement: Must be at least 18 years of age
• Must be a United States Citizen or possess a permanent resident status
• Be eligible to earn an education award and not be barred from performing a term of service
• Be available to serve for a full 10 month period of time and within that time period complete a minimum of 1700 hours of service
• Be available for service from December 16, 2014 through Sept 31, 2015

Desired Skills:
• Research and analytical skills to collect and mine data, with adequate skills to manage data into relevant formats using standard computer applications.
• Ability to understand and organize work requirements to practical programmatic operational situations.
• Good communication skills with diverse populations, with abilities to achieve positive outcomes; avoid/resolve conflict, develop confidence and maintains confidentiality.
• Works well with other while balancing team and individual responsibilities; exhibits openness to others' views; gives and welcomes feedback; contributes to building a positive team spirit; puts success of team above own interests; supports everyone's efforts to succeed.
• Is consistently at work and on time; ensures work responsibilities are covered when absent; arrives at meetings and appointments on time.
• Independent thinker /actor while being able to follows instructions, responds to management direction; takes responsibility for own actions; completes tasks on time or notifies appropriate person with an alternate plan.
• Desire and ability to work with a diverse group of people, particularly those living in low-income distressed neighborhoods
• Computer skills
• Good written and oral communication skills
• Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred but not required

Program Benefits:
• Upon successful completion of the term of service, the member will be eligible for a $5,645 education award to pay off existing, eligible student loans or return to school. The position pays a total stipend of $15,000. The stipend is paid in 20 equal checks twice a month. Direct deposit is available and highly encouraged. A health care benefit is available for the participant only (dependents are not eligible). For members with children under the age of 13, there is a child care subsidy benefit available which is dependent on the participant meeting all eligibility requirements. This benefit is administered by a contracted provider via the Corporation for National and Community Service.

• Monday - Friday (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) (Hours subject to change based on outreach efforts).

How to Apply:
• To respond to this opportunity, please email your cover letter and resume to Norma Sessa at - Only candidates being considered for an interview will be contacted.