Early Childhood/Elementary Education

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Attention: The non-certification Ed.M. program in Early Childhood/Elementary Education has closed to new applicants. If you are looking for certification to teach K-6, please see our 5-year or post-baccalaureate programs.


The Ed.M. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education is intended for certified teachers who wish to continue their study of learning and teaching in early childhood/elementary settings. The program has five major goals:

  • to foster a vision of learning as an active process in which students construct their own knowledge and understandings;
  • to foster a vision of teaching that promotes depth of understanding and problem solving rather than mere curriculum coverage and that recognizes children’s individual and cultural differences;
  • to extend teachers’ knowledge of current research and theory on learning and teaching so they can make informed decisions about educational practice and help to bring about change in schools;
  • to encourage teachers to be teacher-researchers who reflect on and systematically inquire into their own practice; and
  • to provide an opportunity for teachers to acquire depth in an area of early childhood/elementary education that is of particular interest to them.

The master’s program in early childhood/elementary education provides for the study of the psychological foundations of education as well as a concentration in one of two areas of interest (study of one or more content areas taught in elementary classrooms or study of early childhood education and applied child development).


Applications are no longer being taken for this program.

Program Requirements

Accepted students will have 5 years to complete the program, from the beginning of any course work to be counted toward the program.

A complete listing of degree requirements are available for download or at the Office of Student and Academic Services.

If you have more specific questions about this concentration, please contact Amy Lewis.