Infant/Early Childhood Specialist Interdisciplinary Studies: Children Birth to Five and Their Families

Program Details


The certificate program in infant/early childhood specialist interdisciplinary studies prepares individuals in a variety of disciplines for service delivery or research careers involving infants and young children, including those at risk or those with disabilities, and their families.

Students may enroll in courses while pursuing a master's or doctoral degree program at Rutgers in a relevant field. An Infant/Early Childhood Specialist Interdisciplinary Studies certificate will be issued only to students completing a degree at the time the certificate is awarded. Appropriate master's or doctoral degree programs include educational, developmental, clinical, or school psychology; special education; social work; and early childhood education. Students who wish to receive a certificate must complete and return an application to the Department of Educational Psychology prior to graduation. Upon completing the Ed.M., Psy.D., Ph.D., or Ed.D., students request the award of the certificate from the director of the program.


Students who are planning to complete the certificate program and who are either currently enrolled in a graduate degree program, applying for admissions to a graduate degree program, or completing this program on a nonmatriculated, course-by-course basis must complete an application and return it to the Department of Educational Psychology.

Applicants who are not currently enrolled in a graduate program at the GSE must submit an application for admission as a nonmatriculated student. Applications can be completed online.


Program Requirements

Accepted students will have 5 years to complete the program, from the beginning of any course work to be counted toward the program.

A complete listing of program requirements are available for download or at the Office of Student and Academic Services.

If you have more specific questions about this program, please contact Lorraine D. McCune.