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Profile: Catherine A. Lugg



Many years ago, the political scientist Harold Lasswell stated that politics is the process of determining "who gets what, when and how." In light of Laswell's observation, I study how politics shapes public education; that is "who gets what sort of education, when and how." I am particularly interested in how political ideology influences educational provision within the US.

Professional Affiliations:

American Education Research Association
University Council for Educational Administration
Politics of Education Association
The Journal of LGBT Youth
History of Education Society

  • Departments

    Department of Educational Theory, Policy & Administration

  • Associated Programs

    Educational Administration & Supervision Educational Leadership Education, Culture and Society Theory, Organization and Policy

  • Courses Taught

    School Community Relations: The Politics of Education Leadership and Communications Skills Leadering for Social Justice: Navigating through Policy, Politics and the Law Educational Policy and Policymaking: The State and Federal Levels Sexuality, Gender and the Politics of US Public Schooling

  • Education

    Ph.D., Educational Theory & Policy, The Pennsylvania State University
    M.M.E., Music Education, Drake University
    M.M., Flute Performance, Drake University
    B.M., Music Education, Mansfield University

  • Publications


    Lugg, C.A., Tooms, A.K. (in press). Trouble in Toms River. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership.

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    Lugg, C.A. (2004, January & March). One nation under God? Religion and the politics of education in a post 9/11 America. Educational Policy 18, (1), 169-187

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    Lugg, C.A. (2003, January). Our straight-laced administrators: LGBT school administrators, the law, and the assimilationist imperative. Journal of School Leadership,13 (1), 51-85.

    Book Chapters

    Shoho, A.R., Merchant, B., Lugg, C.A. (under review) Social justice: Seeking a common language, in Handbook on Educational Leadership, 2nd edit. F. English (ed.). Sage.

    Lugg, C.A. (under review). Letting the bullies win? The politics of educational choice and the politics of stigma at the intersection of queer youth, in T. C. Pedroni, (ed.). Educational markets and the dispossessed: Agency, identity, and subalternity in unsettling educational times.

    *Robinson, M.N. & Lugg, C.A. (in-press) The Protestant Right, The Black Church and the politics of educational reform. In W. Watkins (Ed.),Assault on Public Education. New York: Teachers College Press.

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    *=Doctoral student or former doctoral student at time of publication.

  • Research Initiatives

    Politics of Education
    Queer Issues in North America
    Social & Political History

  • Awards

    1. The William J. Davis Award                                                                                     April 2011
    2. Best EAQ Article for Calendar Year 2010
    3. University Council for Educational Administration

    Tooms, A.K., Lugg, C.A., Bogtoch, I (2010, February). Rethinking the politics of fit and educational leadership. Educational Administration Quarterly, 46, (1), 96-131.

    1. The Paula Silver Case Award
    2. November 2009
    3. Best Case Study for Calendar Year 2008
    4. University Council for Educational Administration

    Tooms, A.K., Lugg, C.A (2008, December). “Oh, We’ve got Trouble! Right here in Ravenna City. It starts with ‘G’, and has a ‘S’, and ends in ‘A.’” Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 11, (1), 111-127.

    1. Significant Body of Work Award    
    2. April 2009
    3. Queer Studies Special Interest Group
    4. American Educational Research Association
    6. Outstanding Reviewer Award                                                        
    7. 2007-2008
    8. Educational Administration Quarterly
    9. University Council for Educational Administration
    11. Visiting Scholar         
    12. Spring 2007
    13. University of Alberta
    1. Outstanding Reviewer Award                                                                 
    2. April 2007
    3. Review of Research in Education 2007
    4. American Educational Research Association
    6. Visiting Scholar                                                                                  
    7. October 2006
    8. University of Toronto/Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
    10. Service Award                                                                                      
    11. April 2006
    12. Ronald E. McNair Program
    13. Rutgers University
    15. GSE Alumni Association Award For Outstanding Faculty Research     
    16. May 2005
    17. Rutgers University
    19. Outstanding Research and Publication Award                             
    20. November 1996
    21. with William Lowe Boyd and Gerald L Zahorchak
    22. Pennsylvania Association of Supervision and Curriculum Directors, for
    24. Boyd, W.L., Lugg, C.A., Zahorchak, G.L. (1996, May). Social traditionalists, religious conservatives and the politics of Outcome-Based Education: Pennsylvania and beyond. Education and Urban Society,28, (3), 347-365.
    26. Initiated into Phi Kappa Phi                                                                
    27. February 1995
    28. Academic Honor Society
    29. The Pennsylvania State University
    31. Initiated into Pi Kappa Lambda                                                 
    32. May 1991
    33. Music Honor Society
    34. Drake University
    36. Graduate Fellowship   
    37. August 1985 - May 1988
    38. Department of Music
    39. Drake University
  • Expertise

    1. Dissertations Chaired:
    3. Michelle Rosynsky – November 2002 (month defended)
    4. The experience of women college presidents: An oral history.
    5. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    7. Barbara Kristoff – April 2003
    8. Transformational leadership, professional school culture, and perceived effectiveness in specialized schools for students with disabilities.
    9. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    11. Carol F. Karpinski – April 2003
    12. “A Visible Company of Professionals”: The National Education Association, Activists, and the Civil Rights Movement
    13. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    14. Angelo L. Tomaso Excellence in Education Dissertation Award (2004)
    16. Joseph LaRosa – April 2003
    17. You bet your life: Casino gaming and public education in Atlantic City
    18. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    20. Jean Slobodzian – February 2004
    21. Construction of a social reality: The integration of deaf and non-deaf students in a public
    22. elementary school program.
    23. Social & Philosophical Foundations Ed.D.
    24. Angelo L. Tomaso Excellence in Education Dissertation Award (2005)
    26. Zeena Tabbaa-Rida -- April 2004
    27. Muslim women reflecting on American education: Exploring the question of educational identity.
    28. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    30. Edward Jay Doolan – April 2004
    31. Systemic change and standards-based reform: An historical policy analysis of educational policy formation in New Jersey.
    32. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    34. Carolyn Kossack—April 2006
    35. To lead or not to lead: An analysis of individuals with New Jersey Administrative Licensure who do not hold administrative positions.
    36. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    38. Melanie Goodwin—January 2008
    39. The Micro-political boundary: Navigating political cultures during the first 3 years of teaching.
    40. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    42. Richard Bergacs—April 2008
    43. National educational technology standards for teachers: New Jersey public school teachers’ perceptions of practice
    44. Educational Administration & Supervision Ed.D.
    46. Steven Schulman--October 2008
    47. What was the Madison Project?
    48. Mathematics Education Ed.D.
    50. Nobuhiko Hamamoto--March 2009
    51. Japanese middle schools’ adaptation of the Integrated Studies: A case study
    52. Education Ph.D, Educational Policy Strand
    54. Barbara Swicord--December 2009      
    55. A phenomenological study of gifted adolescents and their engagement with one on-line learning system.                                                        
    56. Educational Administration & Supervision, Ed.D.
    58. Thomas M. Ferry--March 2010           
    59. The serpent in the Garden State: Juvenile Delinquency in 1920s New Jersey
    60. Educational Administration & Supervision, Ed.D
    62. Janet Allen--September 2010              
    63. Accumulation of knowledge: The education of African Americans in Southern New Jersey from 1920-1945.
    64. Social & Philosophical Foundations, Ed.D.
    66. Louis F. Caruso--January 2011           
    67. The micropolitics of educational change experienced by novice public school principals.
    68. Educational Administration & Supervision, Ed.D.
    70. Andrew Kearns --February 2011        
    71. The Willingboro NJ school district and the politics of decline, 1970-1979.
    72. Educational Administration & Supervision,  Ed.D.
    74. Kayne Ellis--February 2011                
    75. First–year white teachers’ constructions of parents of color.    
    76. Social & Philosophical Foundations, Ed.D.
    78. Lynn Lederer--March 2011                
    79. “The dynamic side of life:” The emergence of Mary Coffin Ware Dennett as a radical sex educator.
    80. Social & Philosophical Foundations, Ed.D.